Healing the Witch Wound TOGETHER

Remembering - Reclaiming - Rebirthing

We are the Great Great Grand-Daughters of the witches they were never able to burn!

And we are remembering them.

We are unweaving internalised patriarchy.

We are reclaiming our power.

We are coming home to ourselves and reviving the original and lost ways of women.

We are the wild and wise midwives of the new world and we are awakening to our calling, facing the wounds as they arise to be felt, honoured and healed.

My intention is for this to be a safe space. To feel. To heal. To share. To be imperfect. To learn. To remember.




★ In TOGETHER you will connect with resonant souls, explore teachings on the witch wound and reflect on its effect in your own life. Together we can learn and discover ways to transform this feminine trauma and find your voice and your power once again.

★ Healing the Witch Wound is made easier by connecting with others in a grounded and loving space. We overcome the fear of being seen by first being witnessed without judgement in a safe space with others who won't attack us, reject us or persecute us.

★ In TOGETHER you will learn more about the ancient lost ways of women, deleted under patriarchy and have a chance to remember and honour some of those who were killed in the burning times, playing an important part in ancestral and collective healing of the witch wound in all women across time and space.

★ In TOGETHER I will also share exclusive excerpts from my book-in-progress and behind the scenes of my personal, messy book-birthing journey with you.

★ I share my own inner, imperfect, uncensored process of healing my own witch wound as I step up in my work, the stuff I don't share on neat and tidy social media! Annnd how I came to coin the term 'Witch Wound' and pioneer this work.

★ I share helpful healing tips and tools as I complete my studies in ancestral healing, trauma and epigenetics.

★ Much of what I share in TOGETHER is not shared anywhere else in my online spaces.

★ In TOGETHER you are invited to tell your story and share your experiences of the witch wound in your own life.
Some of your stories might be featured in my book
(with your express permission)

★ PLEASE NOTE: As soon as you join this community a transmission begins. I am a channel and healer. The words I share are just 10% of what is being shared with you energetically.
So know that as a member you enter an invisible temple space and may start receiving energies (via your higher self - the 'permission to work' filter) right away to help you heal your own witch wound. 

★ Speaking of channeling...I also share wisdom transmissions, energy reports and the occasional Tarot card pick in this private inner circle, as and when it comes me for the TOGETHER community.

★ There is also an 'Q&A' section where I pose questions to you and you can ask me anything. Our Q&A section is central to the TOGETHER community and shapes a lot of what I share with the group. This really is a group creation, a circle of women gathering to midwife a new world (and help me finally write my book!)

★ Your subscription will also really help support the creation and publication of my book. Your presence, your energy and your contributions are sooo important to me. I have the BEST online friends and connections and have done for 20 years now! Many of you have become true friends and I feel so blessed.


And by the way, please know, this community isn't some perfect, glossy, hustle, drive and strive pushy membership site.
I will not bombard you with posts. I want this to be a gentle, no pressure kind of place. More chilled and intimate than social media.
Annywayy I don't personally have it all 'together'. Never have.
I am no guru. I am a flawed, gifted, wounded and wise woman,
just like many of you.
So let's explore, heal and figure out this messy and magical path together. OK? :)

THANK YOU again for joining me as I write my book and explore our heroine's journey that is HEALING THE WITCH WOUND™

THANK YOU for being here and for showing up at such an auspicious chapter in human his Herstory!

Kimberley 💜


Kimberley Jones is a Soul Midwife and Sacred Feminine Activist, helping women rebirth the Feminine in themselves, their lives and the world.

A multi award-winning mentor, teacher and best-selling author from the wilds of South Devon in the UK, Kimberley has over 20 years of experience helping women navigate psycho-spiritual transformation and awakening.

She is the founding pioneer of ‘Healing the Witch Wound’™ work and coined the term 'Witch Wound' decades ago.

It was one of her very early blog posts on the topic
that went viral and instantly entered
collective language and consciousness.
Since then she has even had friends and colleagues quote her work back to her not realising where it came from! :)

Her own extraordinary initiation, awakening experiences and intuitive abilities have been researched by clinical psychologists, PhD students as well as paranormal researchers.

Her story has featured in several books including those by Transpersonal Psychologist Steve Taylor and Eckhart Tolle.

She also wrote for a book series alongside the Dalai Lama and Dr Bruce Lipton and has spoken beside thought leaders of our age.

Kimberley is respected for her life’s work helping women unweave internalised patriarchy, reclaim their power, awaken their ancient wisdom from the future and rebirth the lost original ways of the Feminine in themselves, their lives and the world.

She is currently writing her book on Healing the Witch Wound, nurturing this global community and continuing her academic journey towards a PhD.


She wears a cloak but no longer hides,
Feeling the call from deep down inside,
Sounds of her soul arrive in the peace,
“Gather the women, those ripe to release”.

With fire in their blood, 
Wounds ready to heal,
Blazing on their own terms
A new world to reveal.

Together we birth a world of the true,
Midwives and sisters, ancient and new,
Voices unheard now blast holes in the skies,
Our power returning, Together We Rise.

- Kimberley Jones

'Sovereign Woman Embodying the Light'
©Kimberley Jones 2006-2021

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